The uber busy Laura Salas, aka laurasalas is battling the elements and off on a round of school visits. (Lucky schools.) She asked if I would like to host 15 words or less photopoetry this week and I said sure! This is no pressure, lots of fun. If you’re not familiar with it, you can read the guidelines here.

Basically look at the picture and write a poem of 15 words or less inspired by the photo. Please add your byline to the poem so I can include it in the poetry Friday roundup.

Here’s this week’s picture.

What does this make you think of? A dog fight waiting to happen? Making friends? Staying as far away as possible? Your allergies?

If you’d like to play, just choose any topic this image makes come to your mind and write a quick 15 Words or Less poem. Your poem doesn’t have to describe this photo. The picture is just a jumping-off point. If you’ve never played before, check out the guidelines in the sidebar. Leave your poem in a comment and I’ll include it in my post of poems tomorrow. Have fun with it!