Okay, almost always willing to follow the crowd, here’s my version of 20 Things That Make Me Happy Today in no particular order except for the way I think of them.

1.   Chai. Specifically chai from Sun Chai in Santa Cruz that you can only get on that side of the hill.
2.   Wonderful husband who indulges and spoils me.
3.   Cassie, my beautiful, exuberant dog.
4.   Growing friendships with Eileen, Becky and Debbi.
5.   The fact that we can afford to keep the house as warm or as cool as we like.
6.   Doves coming back to the yard now that there are plants.
7.   Things blooming the yard today – lupines and chinese houses.
8.   Seeing all the cool rocks we got yesterday just waiting for me to move them around the yard.
9.   Digital cameras.
10. Shopping online.
11. Writing friends who are willing to brainstorm and/or read for me.
12. Books.
13. The new tree bench my husband is putting together.
14. The wine barrels I scored on craigslist for dirt cheap so I can do pot ponds.
15. The new bright red computer that is sitting over there waiting for me to install my programs and transfer things.
16. Memory foam mattress pads.
17. Opportunities that have come my way allowing me to make money by writing more than just my own novels.
18. The dog crate
19. Being laid off.
20. All the seeds for native wildflowers waiting to be planted.