Welcome to day 5 of the first (I think) experiment in collective verse, the 2012 KidLit Progressive Poem! This fun idea was the brainchild of the talented Irene Latham

Irene got us started on the first day and each day the poem moves to a new blog where you can read the next line. It will be such fun to see the twists and turns this poem takes along the way. You can read the schedule for the progressive poem in the sidebar on the right.

Here is the poem, thus far, with my new line #5.

If you are reading this
you must be hungry
Kick off your silver slippers
Come sit with us a spell

A hanky, here, now dry your tears

Next up is Mary Lee at A Year of Reading.

My next installment of KICK THE POETRY CAN’TS will be up a little later today.