That doesn’t sound like much and yet.

300 words. Words I didn’t have the day before. Words that captivated me so much when I was thinking about them that I drove right past my turn-off and had to backtrack about 5 miles when I was going home.

300 words. Mostly dialog which is unusual for me and yet it felt easy and right as I wrote it. There is still a voice that uniquely belongs to the main character and yet falls naturally from my fingertips.

300 words about a boy with a secret and his sister who has a secret of her own.

300 words. That I had no idea where they were going when I started and yet, when I ended, hooked right back to the beginning of the book.

I have never written like this before, in fits and spurts of scenes that are mostly complete in their rise and fall and conflict. With no idea of the road ahead and yet, like stepping stones in an overgrown garden a path is built to somewhere special.

300 words.

Oh happy day.