I consider myself a fairly smart woman. Some days. Other days, not so much. Like today. Like reading blogs. Like reading, to be specific, kellyrfineman

First, a disclaimer. I’m an online kind of gal. I do almost everything I can online. My dayjob has me online (of sorts) all day. So I always think about doing things online first.

Okay, back to the confession. I read Kelly’s blog every day. She makes me think and she makes me laugh. I bookmark posts of hers to remember later and share them with my friends. And one of the things I always get a kick out of is the way her music matches her posts. The first couple of times I just sort of smiled to myself. The next time I checked for the group or the CD or the streaming station and mentally filed it away. (Some of you might have an inkling of where this is going.) I did that a few more times. Then today I decide to organize my bookmarks. I was putting all my online music places in order and I remembered about Kelly’s Brain Radio and how I always liked the songs she found there. You know what’s coming, don’t you? I pulled up a browser and typed in brainradio.com and of course, got nothing.

So then I searched on “Brain Radio” and still, nothing.

I usually consider myself pretty good at research but I finally had to admit defeat. I was just about ready to pop Kelly an email when I had that “Aha” moment – Brain Radio, as in the radio in Kelly’s brain. Sigh.

Some days I’m a smart cookie.Other days, not so much.