Since this is our first Christmas in this house I am still figuring out how to decorate it – what to put where. Some friends thought the tree should be in the library because that’s where we spend all our time but the only place would have been to the left of the fireplace (my husband is in the chair to the right every night) and that’s where the dog sleeps. I couldn’t boot her out of her place so the tree went in the living room.

Instead I put my collection of Father Christmas figures in the library. The only other decorating in here were bows on my dog figurines. 

A close up of some of them.

In the living room I put out the collection of angels. Not all of them are mine. And there used to be many more than there are now. I started the collection for my daughter who is now 25. When she was first out on her own she asked for the angels but she wasn’t exactly stable so I only sent some. Over the last 10 years she has asked for them and each time I’ve sent a few of them. They are always lost or left behind when she has to move or worse. So the collection keeps getting smaller but I put them out and feel the hope that while she has the angels with her, life is perhaps a little bit smoother for her for a time.

However you celebrate the season, may your blessings be many.

Thank you, each of you, for the gift you give me with your words.