Okay…so I sorta dropped off the face of LJ for a while. Actually off the face of a whole bunch of things. So here’s a mini update with more coming as I work my way back into some sort of pattern just in time to go crazy again.

First, thank you to those who have been emailing and nudging and asking if I’m okay. The answer is yes. Better now. Much. I knew that I had been approaching a breaking point where I simply couldn’t put one more thing into my day but I didn’t realize it was going to knock me on my rear like it did. So I opted out of almost everything for a while. I couldn’t take time to explain because I knew I would just get caught up again. Then a couple of things happen that were basically the universe saying, “Hey, I’ve been trying to give you a wakeup call and you weren’t listening so WHAM!”

I know that sounds mysterious but I’m really not going to go into all the blecky details. There have been some health issues (not mine), some stress issues (mostly mine), some family and some work messes that can’t be fixed and simply have to be survived. Several people know some things but no one really knows the entire story of what has been going on and I’m not going to hash it out here, mostly because I’m all about going forward and not backward and also because most of it has nothing to do with writing and that’s what this blog is supposed to be all about. 

But I’m okay now and will slowly work my way back into what I hope will soon pass as normal. I’m sure it is all grist for the mill, right?