Tomorrow morning I leave on an early (oh way too early) flight for Minneapolis for KidLitCon

I’m going a bit early so I can have time with my friend  and the folks over at The Children’s Literature Network where I work as a web editor. I’ve been so jealous when all my co-workers there get together each month and this month I get to join them.

I love going to conferences where I’m not speaking because there’s no pressure and I don’t feel like I’m “on” the whole time I’m there. But the down side is that I tend to pull into my introverted self and sometimes spend too much time alone which is dumb when you make the effort (and spend all that money) to travel so far. On my trip to Austin last year I did a pretty good job of connecting and made some wonderful new friends. I hope I’ll do as well this time too. It’s a small gathering of what looks like about 100 people or so. I hope to see some of you there.

So today it’s all about the craziness that is me packing and unpacking and repacking because I tend to first pack way too much and then have to edit it all down to the bare essentials, kinda like my writing.