There was the dog stuff (see last post.)

There was the daughter/grandson stuff (see Wednesday’s post.)

There is health stuff like why my left hand constantly feels like it is just waking up from being asleep and the knuckle in the little finger of the other hand feels like it was hit with a hammer and a bunch of other boring but man my body feels broken stuff.

There is probably son stuff but I’m not going there.

Mostly there is job stuff.

We are now in the final weeks of waiting to see what happens at work. Yesterday my company and the east coast company stockholders all voted on the proposed "merger" and today it was announced it had passed. There will be changes. There will be huge layoffs. There will be pain for those who leave and pain for those who are left to run the company. Eleven days of waiting, more or less, until we know what the next stages are. It can’t come too soon for me.

In the interim I was happy to have the chance to meet Jo Knowles and other local writers at the recent NYMBC event. I’m sure you’ve read about it on Debbi and Becky and Heidi and Jo’s blogs so I will just say that  good time was had by all and boy, did I need that.

Thank goodness for friends.