I was going to edit my previous post that started this conversation and add this information to it but maybe this will help keep the talk flowing. I can’t believe that more writers don’t have input/ideas/brainstorming to do on this topic.

Erin Dealey author of Little Bo Peep Can’t Get To Sleep and Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox shared a great idea about working with her local independent bookstore, Hidden Passages in Placerville. 

She says, “With their permission, I put their book store linkon my web site so that people can order signed copies of my books through the book store. When they get an order, they call me and I sign it, and the book store sends it to the customer. This has happened often and I have signed books for folks all over the United States! “

What a great tip! I’m off to call my local independent, Hickleebees about doing the same thing.

Who else has a great bookstore tip to share?