way too many other things. I suppose that this is just the way my life is going to always be, 900mph out of control. I didn’t get the office organized over the weekend. I didn’t start the new book project. I didn’t do the taxes. I did gather tons and tons of contact information to pass on to my publisher for blurbs and reviews and who knows what else for Hugging the Rock. Because the book focuses on the relationship between Rachel and her father after her mother leaves I went looking for organizations that celebrated fathers and daughters or fatherhood in general. There is one that is my top pick for a blurb because it is such a perfect match. Fingers crossed. Now of course I have to organize all the information into some semblance of order before I pass it over to the publisher. But I’ve got time, right? Ha!

Oliver got invited to a couple of new schools so I am still hopeful that the idea might take off. Everyone I talk to about it loves the idea, it’s free, and but it just hasn’t done as well as I had hoped.

There are still no reviews for Robert Smalls Sails to Freedom yet and that’s bit frustrating though I know that because it is a school/library market book things work a little differently. Plus they have cut back the space on for book reviews in so many areas that it is really a fight for an unknown to get reviewed. That worries me more than I want to think about when it comes to Hugging the Rock because as much as we wish they weren’t, reviews ARE important.

Okay, back to organizing all the info I gathered this weekend and trying not to fret about tonight, my very first acting/improv/performance class. Gulp!