Whew! I finished going over the copy edits of Hugging the Rock. My editor finished going over what I did and the book is now on it’s way to design. Thanks to my critique group and my verse novel group for all their help with my rapid requests for input.

I won’t see the book again until it is in “pages” or “galleys” which is the same thing. Evidently the term pages is rising to the top to mean the same thing as galleys. It was hard going through the book, yet again, wondering, worrying that anything else we did might “ruin” the book. All I can say is thank goodness for my wonderful hand-holding editor who assured me that she wouldn’t let me ruin it. It’s just a different part of the brain when you reach this stage. I did end up writing a new poem for the book, well several but we only used one new one, but for the most part it consisting of tightening things, wondering if there were stronger words that could be used in some places, agonizing over my line breaks. I think the part that amazed me most of all, it always does, what a difference a single word can make to a sentence. Gosh I love that part of the writing.

We’re waiting for sketches still on the cover and I’m anxious to see them. I’m VERY excited about the person who is doing the cover but I can’t say anything yet. Oh boy, though. Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Thanks to all who have read the excerpt of Hugging the Rock and sent me kind words. I really appreciate the support. For those still looking to read, you can find the excerpt on my website.

Now off to get caught up on a week’s worth of everyone else’s blogs.