Last night I had a dream that I had three dogs.

In real life I only have one but in the dream, all three of them looked like they’d been with me a while. One had a favorite chair. One would escape whenever I opened the door but always came home when I called. One was very good at hiding.

One of them kept bringing pieces of paper and putting them on the floor in front of me. One would run away as soon as I got close and didn’t really want to be touched. One just waited patiently for me to pay attention to it whenever I walked by. In my dream I went to work, to a friend’s house, and back home, and the dogs were always with me. When I went shopping, they were there. In the car, they were there. Always surrounded by dogs and never once was it a problem.

The connection to the three books I’m working on is obvious. Everywhere I go, I take the books with me. They are a part of my life. They are not a hindrance to living or working and having them near me makes me happy.

I do wonder though, which one kept bringing me paper. And was it paper for me to read or a prod to get me to write?