1 – Jim Averbeck, author of IN A BLUE ROOM, is blogging! You can read my (your) interview with Jim here. I added a feed to LJ so we don’t miss a post. You can add it too:

  I also added a feed for Lynn Hazen, author of Shifty, Cider Rabbit, and more! You can add her here:

 Just remember when you read posts via a feed and you want to comment, it is best to click through to the actual blog to post or they won’t see the comments.

2 – I am entering 3 days of insanity as I have determined I WILL finish the work-for-hire stuff by the time I go to bed Sunday night. That would be early and a week ahead of schedule but I need that stuff out of my head now.

3 – I am planning the garden, front and back. It will be easier once the cement is out next week (provided I survive all the jackhammering.)

4 – Even though it is already 93 degrees on my patio I am drinking hot chai. I don’t know why except I am a creature of habit and cold chai just doesn’t do it for me.

5 – I am filled with guilt that I forgot to post about the wonderful contest that

 held last week. I had a big post written in my head that didn’t make it to the page. To that end, I want to challenge everyone to post a note of encouragement that to another blogger in spirit of

 and give that blogger a shout-out in someway. Not because there’s a contest, but because we can and should encourage each other. It’s a tough world out there. It helps to have a friend to hold your hand when you cross a busy street.