Foreign Book Titles

About These Books

I never set out to publish books in foreign countries and yet that's what happened.
The first book, the pink one with the couple kissing on the cover, was sold to Germany, Cora Verlag, with the title Flirtation Waltz. It's a young adult romance about a girl who was a roller skater, much like I was in my teens. It was a sale very early in my career and I was thrilled with it until I got the books, which of course, I couldn't read.
My other foreign book titles are for a Korean publisher who produces ESL books for students to help them improve their English. The books are varied, from fiction to non-fiction to basic reading skills like phonics. These were all work-for-hire projects and a lot of fun to create. I have found it fascinating to see the various ways the illustrators have chosen to illustrate my words.

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