1. Thank you to [info]mountainmist   (Kerry Madden) and [info]jeannineatkins   for awarding me the the Premio Dardos award. I am touched and, as often happens in the blogosphere, amazed at the time of such gifts. Just when I needed a kick in the pants. I will have to ponder some on who to pass it onto next. Thank you.

edited to add –
I shouldn’t have posted after coming home from the poetry workshop as I was tired and left a few things out – like the reason I needed the kick in the pants was because I was feeling down on myself and you kicked me to remember that one of my goals for 2009 was to try and see the me that other people see because I don’t think we’re very intimately acquainted.

2. It was lovely to attend the NYMBC event at Books Inc yesterday to launch Mitali Perkins’s new book, THE SECRET KEEPER. I drove over with[info]beckylevine and we had every intention of being there in plenty of time. Alas we were talking so much we missed the turn off and had to backtrack. Mitali, sorry for being late. But it was lovely to see[info]literaticat , [info]d_michiko_f  , [info]seaheidi, Lynn Hazen, Sharon Levin, Jen Robinson, Jim Averbeck, Emily Jiang, and Diane Davis. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. Alas, Lynn and I were so busy catching up that didn’t get to do much chatting with anyone else. And when I looked up again Mitali had already left and I had neglected to say goodbye. Must learn to control talking.

3. Speaking of control, Mitali did a writing exercise to get us to work on showing a vivid setting. I knew that I had misplaced my ability to write away from home but I hadn’t realized how lost it was until I tried to do the exercise. I simply could not write. Oh, I wrote, the same sentence over and over again, but no scene. Which made me sad when I listened to all the wonderfully vivid scenes read outloud.

4. In order to improve #3, I am trying to make some writing dates away from home. I think if I start with when I know what has to be written next, I might have a better chance of success. We’ll see. I just know that until I can learn how to write away from home again I will not be able to indulge in things like writing retreats.

5. Tomorrow I start installing all the programs on my new computer (purchased a couple of months ago, lost by DHL, replaced, etc.) I am not looking forward to the transfer process, especially iTunes which I expect to be a pain.

And a bonus – some of you already know that [info]beckylevine  has a second blog that is more focused on writing. It’s called Moving Forward on the ‘Writing Path. I added a LJ feed for that blog so you can view it on your friends list and not miss a single post. You can add it here:[info]writingpath

Poetry session update to follow in a bit.