Being away from home for a few days for the conference last weekend has made it difficult for me to get back to my blog. Not good. So my Friday Five is potential blog posts for me to think about writing. If you want to hear about something in particular, let me know.

1. Things to post about – the Asilomar conference and what I learned about myself while I was there.

2. Branding and blogs and the super smart Lee Wind and what he taught me about branding and blogs.

3. My contemplations around the idea of starting another blog (insane, I know) to focus more on #2 and leaving my LiveJournal as my daily life….that seems wrong somehow and yet I can’t figure out how to integrate everything.

4. Cassie.

5. The garden

And a bonus. . .

6. Conversations about how authors who are not debut authors and not bestselling household names can band together and get some promotional attention.