1 –  We bought rocks yesterday, two of them column like for water features. Some small boulders. As much weight as the four-runner could carry. $400. Yikes.

2. We bought rocks today. Medium cobbles and large cobbles and pebbles and drain rock. And mulch. And flagstone stepping stones for next to the driveway. Only for the front yard. Another $700. To be delivered between 7am and 9am tomorrow. Wanna guess who isn’t going to be sleeping in tomorrow?

3. I am pretty sure the flagstone is too orange. Hubby things it works with the charcoal and brown driveway pavers but I’m not so sure. Either way it is what we have for now because I don’t think they are returnable. That would be $130 of the $700 in #2. I anticipate replacing them down the road.

4. There is a fair probability that there are too many medium cobbles for main part of the creek bed. I followed the guidelines and asked the guys at the rockyard but I seem to have a habit of ordering way too much rock. And there is a fair probability that the bottom half of the creek bed has not been tapered enough at the top (hubby and I disagree about this) and we won’t find out until we start working tomorrow and I have to ask him to do the pick axe thing some more. Sigh. We’ll see. I’m guess the creekbed will not be done tomorrow. Maybe Sunday. I’m not much good moving rock with my bum arm. Mulch I can do so while hubby is doing the creek I’ll be sheet mulching and then adding the regular mulch.

5. The water features both need pumps. Solar pumps. Good ones. I’d prefer to run a battery too so they could run longer but I don’t know. $500 for one pump and solar panel and solar safe for battery back-up. Sigh. $1000 for the water features. Ouch.