1 – I am done with the dayjob. I don’t think it will sink in for a few weeks because I am used to being on shutdown for 2 weeks every year. I’m guessing along about December something will click in me. I had a lovely goodbye lunch with about 20 of my co-workers. Several of them commented that I already looked more relaxed. I think they were finally seeing the real me.

2 – My bonus check was for more than I figured. I love it when that happens. I always underestimate how much money I will get from something so I can be surprised. And I got paid for my big Korea job. So it was a nice money week.

3 – The Universe has a sense of balance that is sometimes frustrating. My husband had the catalytic converter stolen off his four-runner. Who knew they were made of platinum and so popular for stealing? Sigh. And in broad daylight in the Cisco parking lot. Grrr. The deductible is $1K (the repairs are almost $3K) so there goes some of that excess bonus.

4 – The only plan I am making is to not make plans. Not right now.  I am going to spend some time thinking and resting and thinking some more. Working in the garden, playing with the dog. Reading. Writing if I feel like it. Cleaning my house. Organizing things so I can be disorganized.

5. Okay, I’m changing my #5. Life is still good but I knew there was something else I wanted to post. That Dell computer I ordered back in Sept? the one that DHL lost? Well it was reordered and should have shipped on Monday but as of now, Dell doesn’t know where this one is either. Grrr….