Well heck. I was all set to launch my contest idea. Then I went over to myspace to catch up on things there and saw that John Green was having a contest to give away a book too. And of course the lovely Lisayee had done her own photo caption contest earlier. But I caught John’s bulletin when he first posted it and thought wow, what a good idea, since all I did was ask you guys for suggestions for a contest but he is holding a CONTEST for the best contest idea. But like I said, it was early and no one had responded to him yet. So I came back over here to post the details about the contest idea I came up with for ME, which was a design the cover contest, and now I see over on myspace that someone made that suggestion to John so it will look like I am copying him. Grumble. Other than those that think I am copying the aforementioned Lisa Yee.

So I don’t know whether to go ahead or not (and I already contacted one potential judge though I have no response yet) and it’s hot (84 degrees in the house and rising) and I’m still getting over the cold and I’m just a wee bit grumpy at the moment.