Okay, I thought I’d post the evolution of the creekbed, though it is not yet 100% it is closer to being done.

You can click through any photos to the larger pics or the full album.

This is what we started with.

Way too much cement for our liking.

Took out the driveway and replaced it with lovely pavers.

Took out the lawn.

Replaced the fence around the courtyard and started on the creek. It’s not deep enough yet.
Note the two drain pipes sticking up – they are the end of the downspouts which have been run under the courtyard and then underground so that the rainwater will go to the creek.

Looking deeper.

With the rocks. But somehow when we placed the rocks, we spread too far and it ended up looking more like a drain ditch. Plus we had no boulders. I went looking on craigslist for rocks.

Saturday we spent all day reshaping the creekbed and placing the boulders.

What a difference! There is still more to do. The big rock at the top of the creek needs to go a bit more in the ground, as much as it can. There’s a pipe sleeve under there for my solar wires so it can’t go too deep. I’ll add some dirt around the front of it and then of course we need more plants!

Here, for side by side comparisions.
P1100056 P1110062

Tired now. But happy.