How exhausted was I? I had the wrong link to the Third Carnival of Children’s Literature. All fixed now. And I am happy to learn that I have NOT missed out. Will be thinking on it today.

I must be exhausted. And what do you know, I am. I am spinning too many plates and something is going to fall. I still have galleys to send out. I’m working on a bunch of publicity things. I have way too many ideas and not enough time or money or arms and legs to do them all. I have to do taxes. I need to finish cleaning my office so I can start my new book and make a mess it up again. I’m trying to figure out a monologue to do for class on Monday. I am leaning toward something from Buffy, perhaps from The Body, where Buffy’s mom dies. I need to sleep.

A big thank you to everyone who has come over to the Children’s Media Professionals’ Forum and asked me some questions. If you want to know more about Hugging the Rock or where the idea came from for the book, hop on over to the forum and give it a read.

The Third Carnival of Children’s Literature is coming up and I am trying to understand how this thing works. April is poetry month so the idea is to submit a post related to children’s literature and, hopefully, poetry. But do you post it in your own blog now and then submit it to the carnival? I’m so confused. Can someone please explain it to me?