Okay, so I know I haven’t posted in like, well, nearly forever. And this isn’t much of an update though I hope to write one soon. But I can at least post a link to some pictures of what I’ve been doing instead of writing the last few months. (That is, when I haven’t been sick which I was for over three weeks including the week I was on vacation.)

Most of you already know that we recently bought a house (here in the Silicon Valley, no less! Go us!) Here are some various picture galleries of the house as we bought it and some of the things we are doing to get settled. The last gallery (bottom row on the right) is of my office, just to tie this a tiny bit to writing.

Like I said, more soon, I hope. For now, thank you to those that have written and nudged me. I miss being here a lot but I also need this time to figure out how to do everything I have to do every day and still live a life I want to live.

The pictures can be found here: http://pics.livejournal.com/fromhousetohome/