Dear Frankie and Max,
I had a dream about the two of you last night. Max, you were in a safe place, warm and well-fed with a big bone to chew on whenever you wanted. Frankie, you were less safe, less warm and very hungry, not just for food but for a different life. Your story hasn’t changed from when first began to whisper in my ear – it is still a sad and heartbreaking story of abuse that doesn’t fit into any current story mold but I understand more now than I did then. I understand that some stories have to be written even if I am the only one who ever reads them.  I know I told you to quit talking to me because you were breaking my heart but I thought I’d let you know that it’s okay to speak up again. It’s not that I think I’m suddenly any stronger than I was before, but it’s that I understand how much you need me to let the world know what’s happening to both of you.


Dear Flyboy,
I think you’re grounded. Probably permanently. Please try not to take it personally. I realize now that I was writing about flying for all the wrong reasons. But you’ve helped me through a lot of painful explorations over the years while I tried to find out about my father. A friend once told me that the hardest thing about your story was that you would find the answers about your father and that I never would. And she was right.  But then that changed and I found my father’s family and learned more of the truths about him and with that knowledge I felt the anchor of you that I’ve carried for 20+ years, slipping away. When and if I visit you again I expect we’ll both have different stories to tell.


Dear Plant Kid,
No one, except for me, really believes in your story. I understand that and for a long time I’ve let that stop me from spending time with you. But like I told Frankie & Max, some stories have to be written even if I am the only one who ever reads them. I can think of a couple of angles to tweak to make you more commercial but I’m not thinking that way right now. I want to just climb back into your skin and record the experiences you’re having and see where it takes us both. Sure, you’re a very introspective, quirky kid and I’ve never met anyone who looks at the world the way you do, adult or child, but then, that’s part of your charm.