Well I would love to say that I have not been posting because I have been terribly busy doing terribly important things but that’s simply not the case. I’ve been terribly busy trying to do nothing at all. (I’m not very good at that.) More about that later but for now a few shout outs.

Like hey, how cool is it that cynthialord fabulous book  RULES was a KidPost Book of the Week in The Washington Post??? And congrats to lauramc whose new book, Water Shaper, made its official debut in a lovely party dress. If you’re in the Bay Area (of California, that is) don’t forget that literaticat is throwing a party for Sarah Dessen in a couple of weeks. Read all the details over at notyourmothers – she’s even letting us grown-ups come. How great is that? And woohoo to Janni whose brand new book Secret of the Three Treasures is out now. 

I met up with KL Going (author of Fat Kids Rule the World, Liberation of Gabriel King, and the soon-to-be-released Saint Iggy) over at Myspace. She’s launched a forum board on her website and invites writers and readers of all ages to come visit and participate.

And thanks to all of you who have signed up for my newsletter, Susan Writes. Don’t forget the contest for subscribers to win a free galley copy of Hugging the Rock. The first drawing will be held this Friday, April 21st! 

Oh, and that part about trying to do nothing at all, I’m trying to learn how to relax and let my mind go and sit and smell the flowers that MUST be growing with all the rain we’ve been having. In short, I am trying to start a new book. ARgh!!!! The pain. Off to acting class.