After many long months (okay, since last October) I have finally moved onto my new computer. I am not a person who does change well so this has not been a lot of fun. But I do have most everything on the new computer. I just can’t find it all.

The new laptop keyboard stinks. I’ll get used to most of it but the noisy spacebar, not thinking I’ll get used to that or the really slippery trackpad. If nothing else this should motivate me to be more in my office plugging into the regular keyboard, right? ๐Ÿ™‚  I have given up my beloved Paint Shop Pro for Fireworks but I’m not quite feeling the love for Fireworks when it comes to organizing my photos. I need to find a Fireworks expert to ask a couple of questions. Anyone?

I was able to move all my Outlook emails over to the new computer no problem. I got my rules and my calendar items and my contacts. What I didn’t get were all my reminders and I have no idea how to get them. I suppose I will be hand typing them all over again. There’s a lot of little dinking to do with everything that comes with switching computers and I just don’t have the time to do it until next week. I have a week full of deadlines but each one I cross off my list is making my life a little bit more clear for priorities.

I ordered new curtains for the kitchen but they aren’t quite right so they need to be sent back. However in one of those rare clean up as I go modes I managed to throw away the receipt. Sigh. Rugs arrived but the blue is too light and makes the kitchen look like a new baby’s room rather than the French Country look I was going for.

I won a beautiful huge rooster on Ebay and it arrived in four pieces. Yes, there is insurance but now there is the hassle of filing a claim and the fact that it was pretty unique and I haven’t seen another one like it ever.

There is still paint in the driveway from when the roof was put on. Less of it but it is still there. Tomorrow we get some new windows put in. Hope they don’t need to use spray paint for anything.

But Sunday was my husband’s birthday and we went to the beach with Cassie and watched her romp and play with the other dogs and then had a lovely dinner at Ma Maison where Cassie was able to sit with us on the patio while we ate a yummy meal.

Life is nothing if not a series of transitions. I just need to learn how to slide in and out of them a little more quickly.