Of people, or characters, to be most specific. Having been NOT writing for so long and then writing again, all sorts of long forgotten characters are talking again. I need to remind myself to focus on the three projects at hand. 

So I have to say a few things to the other characters in my head:

Dear Kid on the boat,
Ships moved much slower back then and I have lots of time before you reach ground and I have to worry about you. Can you please just go talk to your grandfather or practice your English but for now, leave me alone! I don’t have time for you.

Dear Kid with the musical inclinations,
Patience please. Practice your scales when no one is home. Do not, repeat, DO NOT, go anywhere near the house across the street. I’m not ready for that yet.

Dear Kid with mother issues.
I am SO not Catholic and not ready to take on the church. 

Dear kid headed for disaster,
Bring peanut butter. That’s all I know.

Dear MT,
You scare me. What happened to your sister?

Dear kid with the bamboo pole,
How many times do you think I can write about the missing crummy parent anyway?

Dear Civil War kid,
No one is interested. Really. 

Signed the author too busy already juggling planes, plants and gypsies.