Island Snapdragon was one of the first native plants I bought. I fell in love with the bright red tubular flowers that I knew would offer a feast for my hummingbirds. It’s a lovely evergreen plant that, once established, is fairly drought tolerant despite the tropical look. It’s a native of the Channel Islands.

I have one going up a trellis outside the courtyard gate and a couple more in the backyard around the wine barrel pond.

I know I haven’t been posting the brainstorms lately but that’s because I haven’t been doing much of them. I am writing these way too quickly but that means I will have lots to revise when things slow down, right? 😉 In order to get these polished I need to spend more time just thinking.

Island Snapdragon
snapdragon stands guard
come, sweet nectar hides within
hummingbirds break fast

@copyright Susan Taylor Brown
April 27, 2009