This is another one of my very favorite plants but I don’t have it in my garden. I didn’t think there was room for it. Only now, after I have planted something else in the one spot that it could have gone, do I realize how much I miss it. I may have to sacrifice the other plant that is there just so I can find a place for this beauty. Trichostema lanatum, Woolly Blue Curls, wants to be left alone on a hill of perfect drainage and absolutely no summer water. Even then, sometimes it fails to thrive but it is worth the effort.

Tonight I just did a bunch of brainstorming and then picked through it to see what I could come up with. I started with the image of a dancer, a ballerina, as that’s what it reminds me of at first glance.








dancing ballerina
poised ballerina
waiting ballerina
ballerina waits
ballerina preens
dancing ballerina waits
prima ballerina waits
ballerina plie
bees gather around
bees want to dance
plant on a hill and forget it
ignore it
left alone in summer sun
ignorance is bliss
waterless in the sun
native lavender
lavender blue
blue fuzzy
royal blue
royal blue fuzz
royal fuzzy blue
prima ballerina waits
ballerina dances
will soon arrive
dance in the chorus
dance all around
partnering with bees
dancing with the bees

Woolly Blue Curls
royal fuzzy blue
ballerina Arabesque
dancing with the bees

@copyright Susan Taylor Brown
April 9, 2009