Husbands like mine really ought to get medals for putting up with wives like me on days like today.

First there was the melt-down over the brand-new microwave that doesn’t sit flush in the cabinet (see previous post). Then there is the white Bosch dishwasher that was given to us that is going to leave a gap around the edges because it is 1/2 inch less wide than the current one. Then there was the trip to the nursery (not a native plant one) where I walked back out without buying a SINGLE THING. Not a plant. Not the bench they used to have. Not the bird bath that I have only seen in my mind.

But my husband suggested we stop at one more nursery on the way home. They had the bench I wanted but in weird colors. Sigh. But then, hidden in-between a bunch of plants I found the bird bath. It is exactly what I was looking for! And at about half the price I expected to pay.

Yipee!  Thank goodness for wonderful and understanding husbands.