First, a thank you to Mother Reader for this kind review of Hugging the Rock. And she tagged me for the 5 interesting things about me which I am pondering while I pack and wait for a revision letter on the Alamo book and plot the new novel. I don’t know if I can find 5 interesting things but I will try.

I am way, way behind with my blog reading and writing but I did a quick scan tonight. Most of the posts I saw were about Halloween though a few not-so-spooky ones caught my eye. In case you haven’t already seen it, the 8th Carnival of Children’s Literature has posted. Also, Nina over at Nina’s Newbery has room for one more book on her Mock Newbery discussion list. Check out her list of titles that people have suggested (posted at Powell’s ) She’s already pulled some titles from that list for her discussion but if you don’t see your favorite  now’s your chance to speak up. Every book needs a champion so now’s your chance to speak for the book you love. Also, and how cool is this, the Cybils award made the newspaper.


 Woohoo for the power of the press.

Okay. Night night for me.