This poem is late to the table because there is some serious thinking going on in my brain. I’m looking for the off switch. Time to stop thinking quite so much.

Poem a Day #10

I’ve read just about every kind
of “how to do it” book you can read
when it comes to writing,
even if I can’t remember who said what.

I think I’ve absorbed a lot over the years.

How to write mostly boils down to
write what you know or write
what you want to know,
just pick one and get to work.

The how to write isn’t as hard as
the making yourself sit down and do it.
The world will keep on spinning
even if you never write another word.

You really just need one thing to write,
you need to want it bad.

It’s the wanting that makes it so.
It’s the wanting that makes it real.
It’s the wanting that fuels the doing.

What I forget is that wanting isn’t a thinking thing,
it’s a heart thing.
Wanting to write isn’t based on any logic,
it is born from the need to connect,
one writer, one story, one word
a bridge,
from heart to heart.

Susan Taylor Brown.
All rights reserved.