The concept of being here in the moment is easy to grasp. It’s the action that keeps tripping me up. But I keep trying because I think the trying is where a lot of the learning is going on.

Poem a Day #13

Be here now
seems like such a little thing to do,
and yet a thousand times a day
my mind falls backward, like a car on a hill
when you forget to set brake,
and worries from the past
charge up to meet me.

Other times that crazy mind of mine
races forward, like a runaway horse,
for uncharted but always scary territory.

I think I’m finally
(okay, just beginning)
to understand that
be here now
is not a destination like a finished painting
or the completion of a manuscript,
it’s a never-ending  journey
away from
back to
face-to-face with
not who I was
not who I am meant to be
but who I am
right now.

Susan Taylor Brown.
All rights reserved.