I found that last year, writing the poems about the father I never knew took a tremendous amount of energy, creative and emotional, energy from me. It was draining. It was inspiring. And at the end, it was healing. I am a talker who never really gets to talk enough. So this pondering out loud is my way of talking and trying to use up all that energy until I don’t need it for this anymore and I can move on to something else.

Poem a Day #9

I read once that if you have a hole in your story
you should point to it, over and over again,
the idea being that if you pointed enough times,
it would disappear and cease to be a hole.

So when people ask me why it is I can’t seem
to quit talking about things or move on past things,
at the speed they think I should be moving on,
well, I just tell them I’m pointing to the hole,
hoping it will fill itself up by the time I’m done talking

Susan Taylor Brown.
All rights reserved.