For the past few months and I have been working our way through the wonderful  book, Writing the Life Life Poetic, by Sage Cohen. We alternate hosting the discussion on our blogs on Wednesdays.

Sage’s book has a lot of juicy bits of knowledge for us and many fun exercises. One of my favorites was an offshoot of Mad Libs. Another favorite was song lyrics as poems or where we used titles as jumping off points for a poem. Today I wanted to share an original poem I wrote by this week’s exercise using word list.

My words were: pilgrim, universe, kneel, fly

Once trapped
in a carbohydrate prison
I am now a pilgrim in a new world,
a universe of edible wonders.

Stomach growling anticipation
I fly to the farmer’s market
and kneel before the Produce King.
“Please sir, may I have some more?”

Susan Taylor Brown, all rights reserved

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