I’ve not been participating in Poetry Friday of late and that’s mad me sad. So I have given myself the personal goal to address one of Tricia past Poetry Stretches each Friday for a while. For those of you not familiar with these wonderful poetry challenges please go check out

This particular challenge was prompted by the idea of having your picture taken.

And here’s my original poem.


the shutter snaps
I am still beautiful
hair, long and blond
draped around my shoulders
just like it did in high school
when boys wrapped their fingers in its strands
and pulled me close between classes
making promises
they would never keep
skin, peaches and cream
Noxzema fresh
a single chin
eyes lit from within
with a confidence
I rarely share


thirty tries
I do not know this
with my face
I do not like her
rosacea induced
freckle her cheeks
two chins, now
eyes filled with fear
of what the world
might see
might say
might judge
but the hair,
the hair is still
long and blonde
and my husband twists his fingers in its strands
and pulls me close
whispering promises
he always keeps

Have I always been this shallow?

but what woman doesn’t want
to feel beautiful
for all time?

—Susan Taylor Brown
all rights reserved

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