It seemed like a good idea at the time – go through my folders of old writing from back in Junior High and High School and post an old poem or two for Poetry Friday. Then I started to read them. Oh my. They were bad. Some of them very bad. (And yet, I always got “A”s in class). The themes were easily categorized into:

I love you now and forever no matter what
(complete with product placements like Bic Click pens and historically correct details like tie-dyed t-shirts)

You broke my heart and I will never be whole again
(tear stains still quite evident even after almost 35 years)

(and how they helped heal my broken heart)

Hmmm. Not quite what I was looking for and I’m not anywhere near brave enough to share them. After a bit more digging I found some early haiku, (dating back to around 1971/1972 – 7th/8th grade) that doesn’t embarrass me too much to share here.


wet with morning dew
I watch the flowers open
early comes the dawn

a kite in the sky
and the sun is overhead
picnics can begin

flowers in the field
I silently stalk my prey
picking some for mom


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