Artist Book – Point of Departure

This book began as a way to learn how to relax with the paintbrush and to collect my 15 Words or Less poems in one place.  15 Words or Less poems are the brainchild of Laura Salas and are designed to be quick morning warm-ups for our writing brains. Every Thursday Laura posts a photo and invites readers to write a poem of 15 words or less that is inspired by the photo. I played along, on and off, for a few years and had quite a collection of poems. I printed out the phots and decided to gather the photos and the poems in one book.

I started with a watercolor book, painted the pages with various Golden Fluid acrylics. I attached the pictures, collaged various papers, then added more color with my Neocolor II, Portfolio Oil Pastels, and walnut inks. I love using the walnut inks but they take DAYS to dry.

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