I am so frustrated right now. My evil and very rude neighbor, who at 70+ years is old enough to know better, is playing music so loudly that I can hear it in my house with the doors and windows closed. And I’m not even sitting in my office. In my office it is even worse. How am I supposed to work with the same three records playing over and over again?

Don’t tell me to put in earplugs. I am in my own FRIGGING HOUSE. I deserve peace and quiet in here at least.

Let’s not even think about the upcoming spring and summer months when I won’t be able to enjoy MY OWN BACKYARD because the rude neighbor will be out there from sun-up until way past dark, drinking, smoking, and playing the same three damn records over and over again.

I know. You’re going to tell me to go talk to them. And I will. AGAIN. But it won’t do any good. In fact it will probably just make them turn the music up even louder. These are the same people who never paid for their share or any portion of the "good neighbor" fence. The ones who have rats living under their deck and do nothing about it. The ones who hate (and have told me so to my face many times) what we have done to the yard. The ones who hang over the back fence to peer into my house. (Grow trees, grow.) The ones who have a rusted, rotten old motorhome and truck sitting in their driveway that never move.

We live in a nice neighborhood and everyone else is wonderful.

But these neighbors not so much. Not at all. Not even a little bit. Grrr.