Out Internet has been going in and out which has seriously gotten in the way of  my, uhm, Internet addiction. Comcast swears it is our modem. Hubby swears it isn’t as it is inconsistent. Hubby finally got them to agree to come out and check. If it is the modem, oh well, at least we’ll know for sure. I am waiting now for said cable guy to show up.

This last week, even though I am fighting a cold (not sure who is winning) I really started to feel like the writer at home. Considering I haven’t even been off from the day job for 2 months yet, I think that feels pretty good. Of course racing like a crazy person to write 3 brand new chapters on Flyboy so I could enter if for a critique at our conference might have had something to do with it. Ditto the two work-for-hire deadlines giong on at the same time.

I am allowing myself to live by the whim of the moment, at least until January 1. If I want to flake out on the couch with a book and some chai, I do so. If I want to spend hours looking at things on Ebay that I have no intention of buying, I do so. I am letting myself drift just so I can see where I go. It feels good.

I haven’t finished the yard but I reached a point where I just have to stop for a while. Well, except for later today when I get a few more plants in the ground in advance of the coming rain the rest of the week. The holes are dug I just need to make myself go out in the cold and work for a couple of hours.

I lose track of the days of the week now. I think Fridays are Saturdays and Mondays are still the weekend. Because my husband works from home a lot of the time, the days just get all tangled up into a mess. But it finally dawned on me that it doesn’t matter.

I’ve been cleaning my office this week, trying to get more settled for when I am spending more time in it come January. I replaced a natural colored wood china cabinet with one that is more in keeping with the warm woods of the room. What a difference it made. I hadn’t realized how much the color bugged me in there until it was gone. Still we’ve gotten good mileage out of that piece of furniture. We paid $100 for it on craigslist 5 years ago and now it is up in the exercise room, still being useful. The only downside is that the new china cabinet doesn’t have enough room for all my writing/reading figurines. But I think I can add at least one more shelf to take advantage of the empty vertical space.

We’ve been in our house almost two years and I don’t feel like I have totally claimed the office as mine. But I’m working on it and feel like it is getting closer. Because one wall is two sliding glass doors (plus the high windows at the roofline) and another is a long window, the temperature in the room is usually extreme. Really cold in the winter and really hot in the summer. Even though everything is double-paned it is still too cold or too hot to work in there. So I covered all but one of the patio doors with a paper blind behind the woven woods. I wanted to see if that made much of a difference and if it did, well I’d have the blinds guy take down the woven woods and put a lining on them. So the good news is that yes, it appears to help. With the other window even though it has woven woods I’m going to pretend like it has no window. I’ve stuffed cushions behind the woven wood which helps with insulation but even more, it helps with soundproofing. The neighbors are way too close and they are outside ALL the time, playing their music way too loud. I’m sick of hearing Volare again and again and again. I shouldn’t need earplugs in my own house. The fact that it is in my office makes it worse.

Okay, long boring post. I’ll try to do better with the next one.