I missed Five on Friday and Six on Saturday so here is the Seven on Sunday, random edition. There may or may not be a Flyboy edition after this.

1. They started the new roof on Friday. The baby finches are handling it just fine. Cassie, not so much.

2. So far only one plant took a hit with the roofing and I needed to move it anyway so I potted it up and I think it will be fine. However the pointy top of one of the arbors broke off and flew over the fence into the backyard of the house of evil. I can see it over the fence in her planter box. I have asked for it twice. You would think since I gave her all that stuff we were cleaning out of the garage that she could give me back my broken piece this is of no use to her but no, house of evil. I wish I had one of those "grabber" things and I could stand on a ladder and reach over the fence and get it myself. Grrrr. 

3. My need for absolute silence seems to be increasing. This has nothing to do with the new roof and everything to do with being an introvert and needing to find my energy from within.

4. . Business plan reassessment was positive. Color me happy.

5. We bought a new (old) buffet on craigslist which means we moved the bar back to the living room which will be forever known as the lounge. I am now on the search for some small leather club chairs. Alas, having seen some beautiful antique ones on a craigslist posting many states away, everything I look at now isn’t as nice.

6. I am also on the lookout, via craiglist (because I hate paying high prices for furniture) for a small, round wood coffee table. When I didn’t want one, that was all I saw. Now, of course, they have disappeared.

7. The new fridge arrives next week, I think. It will not be as tall as the last one so we will have to have someone finish off the opening with a shelf or something. Hopefully at the same time I can have them remove th built-in ironing board that sticks out and looks very odd in the dining area.