Okay, I missed 5 on Friday and 6 on Saturday so here are 7 for Sunday while there is still a little bit of Sunday left.

1. I don’t understand how it is that the more I cut back in my life the busier I get. It might be because I have difficulty with the word no. Might. This is not likely to change.

2. Next week I hope to have something fun to announce. No, nothing around a sale but a really fun promotional event that will be open to kids 13-18 around one of my books. So if you have a kid in that age range, stay tuned.

3. I have a lot of work-for-hire stuff going on right now which is good, because money is nice, but I do wonder at how it is always feast or famine.

4. Saturday the electrician came out and installed new lights on the outside of the house and two chandeliers inside the house and there was much rejoicing. Some pictures are here if you haven’t already seen them on Facebook. I love it when you finally get something done and it looks as nice as you hoped it would.

5. Of course being as it is this house, nothing with #4 went easily and there are still "tweaks" that need fixing like the fact that the outside lights slant against the house because of the siding and the kitchen chandelier that isn’t really centered over the table (my goof.)

6. For several years I have been trying to figure out how to turn the living room into a dining room but I just couldn’t figure out what to do with the area where the dining table is now. Right after the chandelier was hung over the dining room I got the bright idea that what we needed to do was make it an alcove of floor to ceiling bookshelves for hubby’s cookbooks (he has hundreds of them) with a few casual chairs in front of it. Sigh. Later. After we get the tile replaced with wood floor. Maybe.

7. Flyboy’s dad is really fighting for a story of his own which is a little bit bizarre for me to think about writing an adult novel from a different POV using these same characters. But I promise to finish Flyboy first.