Oatmeal is good. I had forgotten how good. Yum!

Dogs who do not get walked regularly, as in when everyone in the house is sick, have a lot of energy. As in A LOT. Grrr!

Not all port replicators are created equal. Either that or my new computer just has expensive, discriminating taste. Bummer.

Using scissors to cut things out of magazines day after day after day is just another form of RPS. Ow!

Weeds pull out of the ground much easier if you do it on the day it rains rather than several days after. Duh!

All those rocks I carried by hand in the summer sun to line the path in the backyard have to be moved by hand, to give the dog more room to run. Grumble.

A messy desk is a sign that I have been writing from the couch for too long. Sigh.