I am calling them goals and not resolution because I never seem to do so great in the resolution department. So here, in no particular order except for the way they fell out of my brain, are my goals for the coming year.

#1 Earn as much money at my writing as I did with my day job. Gross anyway. The takehome won’t be nearly as much because of the glory of taxes but oh well. I may not make this goal but stretching to try and reach it will be good for me. And writing means not just novels but anything I can get paid for. More articles, work-for-hire, speeches, love letters, whatever. Make money by writing. Period.

#2 Write more (really a no brainer if I expect to hit #1) Note I didn’t say every day or a certain amount

#3 Walk more with Cassie.

#4 Eat better.

#5 Laugh more.

#6 Relish what I read. This means trying to slow down when I read which is hard for me because I read so fast.

#7 Listen to more music. Don’t be afraid to sing (at least when I’m alone.)

#8 Work in my office. This means butt in chair in my office to write, not taking my laptop into the library and sitting on the couch.

#9 Make more phone dates with long-distance friends.

#10 Make more time for in-person friends.

#11 Blog more on my writing blog.

#12 Launch my garden blog and blog in it regularly.

#13 Participate in Laura’s 15 words or Words or less Thursday poetry challenge more often which leads me to. . .

#14 Write more poetry and don’t be afraid of how bad it might be.

#15 This is the most important one, be here, now. To live in the moment. If I do nothing else all year long, I hope I master this one at least part of the time.