I haven’t been blogging much yet this year, mostly because, well because things are overwhelming lately. Not the ohmygoodnesslifeistoohardtohandle kind of thing but just lots of stuff (like more layoffs at work) and not really any of it about writing which is supposed to be the focus of this blog. But, keeping in mind my theme for the year is Reach Out With Joy, I have just a few things to share.

First, we (as in local here in San Jose) were lucky enough to have coppervale come to town this week. You might also know him as James A. Owen, the talented author (and illustrator) of Here There Be Dragons, which is the first book in the Chronicles of Imaginarium Geographica series. (Read more about the books on his website.) James was a gracious and entertaining speaker. He shows us how to draw a dragon (mine is very lopsided) and we were treated to some glimpes of original art from his books including an upcoming cover!

I took my brand-new digital camera to the event (some of you may remember how I didn’t fall instantly in love with that darn thing) and well, there were a few technical glitches, such as when I thought I was taking pictures of James when he was drawing and talking to the kids I was actually taking movies which didn’t clip so well. Never mind. I did get one picture with James.

More connections. Last week I connected with d_michiko_f , I get to spend Saturday with beckylevine and next week I get to see Jen of jkrbooks.typepad.com/ For someone who is usually a homebody and a loner, I think I’m doing pretty good.

Next up is to find some online friends who like to talk on the phone and set up some phone dates so I can reach out and get to know even more of my friends. If you’re interested, drop me an email so we can set something up.

In other non-writing news I picked up my new glasses, progressives. So far, I am not impressed and am rather frustrated with the whole experience. I’m already thinking about having them put back to single vision but I promise to work with them for a few more weeks before I make up my mind.