Saturday odds and ends

Out Internet has been going in and out which has seriously gotten in the way of  my, uhm, Internet addiction. Comcast swears it is our modem. Hubby swears it isn’t as it is inconsistent. Hubby finally got them to agree to come out and check. If it is the modem, oh well, at least we’ll know for sure. I am waiting now for said cable guy to show up.

This last week, even though I am fighting a cold (not sure who is winning) I really started to feel like the writer at home. Considering I haven’t even been off from the day job for 2 months yet, I think that feels pretty good. Of course racing like a crazy person to write 3 brand new chapters on Flyboy so I could enter if for a critique at our conference might have had something to do with it. Ditto the two work-for-hire deadlines giong on at the same time.

I am allowing myself to live by the whim of the moment, at least until January 1. If I want to flake out on the couch with a book and some chai, I do so. If I want to spend hours looking at things on Ebay that I have no intention of buying, I do so. I am letting myself drift just so I can see where I go. It feels good.

I haven’t finished the yard but I reached a point where I just have to stop for a while. Well, except for later today when I get a few more plants in the ground in advance of the coming rain the rest of the week. The holes are dug I just need to make myself go out in the cold and work for a couple of hours.

I lose track of the days of the week now. I think Fridays are Saturdays and Mondays are still the weekend. Because my husband works from home a lot of the time, the days just get all tangled up into a mess. But it finally dawned on me that it doesn’t matter.

I’ve been cleaning my office this week, trying to get more settled for when I am spending more time in it come January. I replaced a natural colored wood china cabinet with one that is more in keeping with the warm woods of the room. What a difference it made. I hadn’t realized how much the color bugged me in there until it was gone. Still we’ve gotten good mileage out of that piece of furniture. We paid $100 for it on craigslist 5 years ago and now it is up in the exercise room, still being useful. The only downside is that the new china cabinet doesn’t have enough room for all my writing/reading figurines. But I think I can add at least one more shelf to take advantage of the empty vertical space.

We’ve been in our house almost two years and I don’t feel like I have totally claimed the office as mine. But I’m working on it and feel like it is getting closer. Because one wall is two sliding glass doors (plus the high windows at the roofline) and another is a long window, the temperature in the room is usually extreme. Really cold in the winter and really hot in the summer. Even though everything is double-paned it is still too cold or too hot to work in there. So I covered all but one of the patio doors with a paper blind behind the woven woods. I wanted to see if that made much of a difference and if it did, well I’d have the blinds guy take down the woven woods and put a lining on them. So the good news is that yes, it appears to help. With the other window even though it has woven woods I’m going to pretend like it has no window. I’ve stuffed cushions behind the woven wood which helps with insulation but even more, it helps with soundproofing. The neighbors are way too close and they are outside ALL the time, playing their music way too loud. I’m sick of hearing Volare again and again and again. I shouldn’t need earplugs in my own house. The fact that it is in my office makes it worse.

Okay, long boring post. I’ll try to do better with the next one.

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Friday Five

1. I’m writing.
2. I’m writing.
3. I’m writing.
4. I’m writing.
5. I’m writing.

That’s a big enough deal that I figure it deserves all 5 slots.

I’ll come back later with a more interesting Friday Five.

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I needed this and Eileen, you need this too!

onegrapeshy  climbed inside my head again. Yes, it makes things a bit crowded for the moment but maybe some of her smart stuff will rub off on me.

The thing is, I finally started working on a book again. Except that I forgot how. And by how I mean I forgot how to do anything and everything. How to write a crappy first draft. How to leave a space with a ? for something I can go back and fix. How to ignore the bits of research needed and just move forward somewhere, anywhere, to get more words down on the page.

491 of them, for now. From the beginning. Argh! And in writing those 491 words I have stopped to go outside and plant plants. Come back in, grumbled at the screen, put in a load of laundry, typed two sentences, read my F-List, played with the dog. Etc.

So I was glad to read this post.

Now to go look for word number 492.

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flyboy won

Sorry Max and Plant Kid, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Flyboy won the battle in my head, at least for the moment. Here’s hoping he takes me somewhere.

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Monday random thoughts

1.  The weekend.

We spent the entire weekend working in the yard. No new pictures yet. I had to totally redo the path though because although I loved the zigs and zags there was no way Cassie was going to run that way. So now she has a run behind the plants at the back of the fence and the path is mostly straight hoping she will be more inclined to use it. I also had to beef up the path with more rocks rather than a single line. I only got about 10 feet of changed but I can already tell it’s an improvement. My husband got the last of the stuff in the front yard planted so now all that is left is to put out the wildflower seeds and hope the birds leave us some. I love that Cassie loves to be with us outside in the yard. In the last 5 years, our last dog was not interested in being outside at all. It was a quick run to pee and run back in the house again. Cassie has to inspect every hole we dig and verify every plant after it is in the ground. Sure it slows things down but it is a lot more fun this way.

2. The week ahead.

Looking forward to lunch tomorrow with [info]hulabunny and having my in-laws over for dinner tomorrow night. Which means I need to get some housecleaning done today. Since I’ve been off work I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to the many piles of paper that cover every single table in the house.

3. Livejournal odds and ends.

In case you are one of those people who doesn’t read the LJ announcements, the servers are being moved tomorrow morning and LJ will be shut down for a few hours. Once stuff opens up again it will be slow and not everyone will be able to get on at the same time.

Also, December 4th they will be having a permanent account sale. It’s $175 now but if you know LJ is going to be your blog home, it’s not a bad deal, IMHO.

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Friday Five

1 – I am done with the dayjob. I don’t think it will sink in for a few weeks because I am used to being on shutdown for 2 weeks every year. I’m guessing along about December something will click in me. I had a lovely goodbye lunch with about 20 of my co-workers. Several of them commented that I already looked more relaxed. I think they were finally seeing the real me.

2 – My bonus check was for more than I figured. I love it when that happens. I always underestimate how much money I will get from something so I can be surprised. And I got paid for my big Korea job. So it was a nice money week.

3 – The Universe has a sense of balance that is sometimes frustrating. My husband had the catalytic converter stolen off his four-runner. Who knew they were made of platinum and so popular for stealing? Sigh. And in broad daylight in the Cisco parking lot. Grrr. The deductible is $1K (the repairs are almost $3K) so there goes some of that excess bonus.

4 – The only plan I am making is to not make plans. Not right now.  I am going to spend some time thinking and resting and thinking some more. Working in the garden, playing with the dog. Reading. Writing if I feel like it. Cleaning my house. Organizing things so I can be disorganized.

5. Okay, I’m changing my #5. Life is still good but I knew there was something else I wanted to post. That Dell computer I ordered back in Sept? the one that DHL lost? Well it was reordered and should have shipped on Monday but as of now, Dell doesn’t know where this one is either. Grrr….

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Monday, Monday

Trying to update a writer’s blog when one isn’t writing is a bit odd.

I am not even thinking about writing except for all the times I think about how I am not writing.

Today I am thinking about the oral surgery I am having tomorrow. And then the fact that 4-6 weeks after that I have to have two new crowns put on in the same place. And wondering if I can get all that done (if my mouth heals quickly) before the current insurance runs out at the end of November because we’ve already met the deductible for for the year. And then I am thinking about how I need to call a new dentist for the crowns because there is no way I am going back to the old one. With all this going on, one quadrant of my mouth will be in a constant state of turmoil from tomorrow til the first of the year and that stinks with the holidays coming. Sigh.

And then I am thinking about how yesterday I took 6 4" pots of  Carex tumulicola, divided it into 57 individual plants, planted them in the front yard for the meadow and then realized they might not be the native Carex tumulicola but possibly the imposter. Plus rethinking the size they get and if I screwed up where I put them for a meadow in the front yard….a meadow with wildflowers in-between. More sighs.

And thinking about how I have 8 working days left in a cubicle and how even though I don’t want to be here anymore I know it is going to be a huge change. I so don’t do change well. Trying not to sigh.

I think I am just exhausted. I woke up at 1am and was awake until 4. Crashed hard until the alarm went off. Woke up thinking about plants that might need to be moved in the yard.

Happy Monday everyone.

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If you read this via jacket flap or some other reader

If you are on my LJ friends list and read this via jacket flap or some other reader, could you please go here: and help me out with something?

If you read this through a reader but you aren’t on LJ, please check back here in the morning when I can unlock the post and ask for your help.


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An update of sorts

It seems like all I have managed lately has been the Tuesday memory challenges. The more overwhelmed I get, the harder it is to post. I’ve never mastered the short little updates but maybe things will change come November.

The short version.

I’m working the day job. Still. 11 working days left. Which doesn’t sound like many and it isn’t but still, I have to be there and that is hard. I’m not really involved in anything and everyone who is left is working to build the “new” company. I’m very much on the outside which is tough, even though it isn’t a company I want to continue to work for anymore. Sigh.

I’m cramming in all the doctor and dentist appointments I can before my insurance changes and also because we need to use up the flex care reimbursement or else we lose it. Sigh. Which means next week I am having oral surgery. Yuck. But there will be pain pills. Yeah! But the day after the oral surgery when I will loopy on pain pills I have a meeting all about something to do with the layoff and the Trade Adjustment Assistance that I may or may not be able to get help from. I don’t know. Lots of stuff to concentrate on when I will be either in pain or on pain pills. Neither sounds good.

I’m worrying about both my kids. For different reasons. Never-ending sighs.

I’m working with our new dog. Which is wonderful. And time consuming. And exhausting. But wonderful. 🙂

But mostly I am working on the yard. This is the perfect time for planting the native plants. Here are a few pics of what we’ve been doing all day every weekend during daylight hours. When I am home and not planting and not working with the dog I’m researching plants and second and third guessing myself. But that’s okay. We’re having fun.

The backyard corner outside my office as it was when we bought the house.

The same area now. The blue stone patio with woolly thyme in-between the stones. On the left, in the front, is a hazelnut. Back in the corner is a spice bush. The pile of rocks is the base for what will be one of the bird bath boulders. Those are rocks that I have collected from the yard. One by one. It sounds like hard work but I’d rather pick up rock than battle Bermuda grass.

This is the rest of the backyard mostly as it was when we bought it. We took out all the plants at the fence.

This is the yard now, after the planting. (shot from the other end of the yard.) The fence line is planted with toyon, coffeeberry, ceanothus and mountain mahogny, 2 to 3 of each. Lots of good stuff for wildlife. There is space, I hope, against the back of the fence for Cassie to run as she chases the squirrels. Against the house are a pair of Catalina Ironwood. I’m still trying to decide what to do in the open area. For now it will likely be mini bark with some native lawn area. At the far end are a pair of coyote bushes and a pair (yes I am insane) of Blue elderberries. We have overplanted and probably make master garderners everywhere scream and thump their heads against a stump but we are planting a yard we love. We want dense privacy at that back fence, not just for critters, but for us too. My only worries is the battle we will soon start to fight with the rats that are under the gazebo in the yard next door. The people won’t do anything about them. So let the trapping begin. Rat zappers really do work.

This is Cassie’s “hill” that I hope I don’t regret. If she figures out she can jump before the fence area gets filled in, she could go over the backside. That’s a wax myrtle in the corner. I hope it lives but I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t. We tried one at the rental house just a few miles from here and it fried. Quickly. But it is great for the birds so I hope it lives. Not that you can really see it but there is black sage that will be coming down the hill.

This weekend is a bit about rock and digging a hole for the front yard water feature. The weekend after that will be bark. And planting the meadow in the front yard.

Then we hope for rain.

And maybe next year we can be certified as a Wildlife Habitat.

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Meme Me

So I was tagged bypatesden for the 7 things meme and since I didn’t post a Friday five I thought I’d try. But mostly I feel boring. Sigh. Really, really boring. Okay, except for the stuff that I’m not willing to post in a public forum. 🙂 I can’t even come up with 5 things about me let alone 7. Plus every time I think of something I think everyone already knows that about me. So at the risk of repeating myself, here goes.

1. I don’t like my food touching on the plate. Well, any food that has juice in it. The worst used to be Sunday nights when I was a kid because it was roast beef, mashed potatoes and green beans. I loved the roast beef juice on the roast beef and hated that the mashed potatoes soaked a bunch of it up. I hated, I mean HATED the green bean juice that would run into the mashed potatoes and the beef. Gag. So while my grandmother was dishing up the plate (never even trying to limit the amount of bean juice I was going to have to deal with) I was taking paper napkins and rolling them into wedges that I could quickly put on my plate to sop up the juice.

2. I can’t drive a stick shift. Now if you’re a 20 or 30 something reading this it is probably not a big deal but I’m 50 years old and when I started to drive there were just as many stick shifts around, maybe more, than automatics. Three guys have tried to teach me and failed. I’m sure my ability to burst into tears at every rebuke had something to do with it.

3. My first boyfriend was the one who told me it was time to shave my legs. Very embarrassing. I was at the skating rink (I spent much of my middle grade/high school years roller skating competitively) and the skating dresses were really short. I mean REALLY short. If I wore nylons you couldn’t tell but in the summer time it was too hot. He was sitting next to me, put his hand on my knee, looked down at my legs and said, "You know, most girls your age are shaving their legs. Don’t you think you should start?" Argh!

4. This is pretty public knowledge if you have read HUGGING THE ROCK, or rather the author bio on the book, but I’ve never met my dad or anyone from his side of the family. Ever.

5.  For many years (from late teens til mid 30s) I was plagued with a variety of fears. I was borderline agoraphobic — I could leave the house but if I went more than about a half an hour from home I would get sick. In my 20’s I was so afraid to be home alone when my husband went hunting that I would sleep in the recliner facing the front door with one of his guns on my lap. Why I thought the bad guys would come through the front door, I had no idea. And when I left California to move cross-country many of my friends thought the stress of such a huge change would kill me. Instead, after a whole lot of crap, it made me stronger.

6. I have a thing for odd numbers which is sometimes problematic since my husband has a thing for even numbers. I can never remember his cell phone number because it is even and vice versa. Our house address has two of each, a grateful compromise.

7. I have a home library that now numbers about 8,000 books. Lucky me. 🙂

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Thankful Thursday – ch…ch…cha…changes

I have been sick with a coughing, sneezing, can’t get enough sleep sort of cold and can’t seem to manage much of a post yet so I’ll just be short and sweet and very thankful.

I am thankful that I was part of the huge layoff at my dayjob. Yes, thankful!

I am thankful that I am on a delayed depart until the end of October.

I am thankful for what lies ahead.

Many, many changes coming and I hope to post more about them soon. It’s all good.

Oh, and I am very thankful to beckylevine  for picking up the phone Tuesday night and being just what I needed just when I needed it most.

Edited to add – sorry folks. I should have made it more clear. I am VERY HAPPY about this.
Over the moon, as it were. It’s the best possible news….well, next to a book contract.

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Monday, Monday – an update of sorts

You know how it is – you don’t blog regularly for a while and then you think of all these things you should blog about but you don’t and you don’t have time to read and post to other people’s blogs so you know they are going to stop reading yours and your can’t blame them and you haven’t even had time to respond to people who responded to your blogs and pretty soon the guilty feelings pile up so high that you figure you might as well just quit blogging right now.

But then I figure if one of the things that is making me crazy is not writing then maybe if I go back to blogging it will be a little bit like writing and I won’t feel so bad. And if nobody but me reads my posts, I will tell myself that’s okay because I understand that blogging is a reciprocal activity and without time to reciprocate, well, like I said, I understand.

And then I remember that some of the most fun I had with writing recently was writing character letters and that even if the books are going nowhere for a variety of reasons I could maybe play with the characters again.

Before long I recognize that I have always been one to pile the guilt on myself without too much help from the Universe at large and wouldn’t it be nice if in this second half of life I could just chuck the guilt and enjoy a guilt-free version of life?

Okay, so that last one probably isn’t going to happen but I’m working on the rest.

Here’s the mini update.

The yard – I listed out the major steps needed to complete the front and back yards. There are 33 things on the list. Sigh. That is a ton when you consider one step might be “pick out plants for small planting section to right of driveway) because there are a lot more steps that go into that, plus the actual planting that will be done in the fall.
But at least I have a list. It is frustrating to me because I have to rely on my wonderful husband to do the hard work. Due to my shoulder/arm/wrist issues I can no long use the pick axe to dig or shovel dirt or carry heavy things. It is frustrating to have to wait for someone else to do things I used to be able to do myself. 

On top of that, I am bloody sick and tired of having to deal with people we have had to hire to do stuff for us. We do have a wonderful new courtyard fence but I also had to ask the guy to rehang the old gate to the sideyard and they said because there was nothing strong against the house to mount it to they made this weird thing that is self-supporting and I HATE it. I’m glad I can’t see it very often but every time I do, it makes me grit my teeth. But not nearly as much as looking at the backyard fence that we had put up last year. We trusted the guy who installed it for us and he put pressure treated wood on the top horizontal section of the fence. Now we have been told by three different fence people that the reason it is all warping is that they never should have put pressure treated wood on top. So we will have to pay to have it all replaced and it isn’t even a year old yet! And only one of the 4 neighbors helped pay for the originally fence so we are out even more money. But wait, there’s more. The fence is one of those with overlapping panels but they were too cheap to put enough wood in the sections to allow for shrinkage so now after not even a year, I can put my hand through the fence in many places. What is so stupid is that instead of just putting in one extra piece of wood, they guy took the time to cut a piece vertically to put in there. Sigh. We need to at least replace all the back fence sections ASAP before we put the plants in come fall.

I am also still very frustrated when I see the decomposed granite and the blue stone. There have been some very expensive homeowner lessons of late. 

For the last month we have had sections of the new paver driveway torn up due to a broken water pipe to the sprinklers that has defied repair. We are now waiting for the electrician to come install new outlets in the courtyard then we can get the pavers repaired and back to what passes for normal.

The job – we are in crazymaking times at my job as the merger goes forth and people are meeting for what basically amounts to interviews to discover if, in a few weeks, they will still have a job or not. So I am gathering my best pieces of work and beefing up my confidence for the weeks ahead. On the plus side, by September 2nd, we should all know if we have a job or should be looking for one.

Sleep – not getting enough of it. Stress and other life issues (see above) mean I’m getting about 5 hours a night. I need 8 and maybe even one night of 10. Ugh. I miss sleep.

The writing – not happening much (see above). Lots of thinking though which may come out more in character letters or something else. I am feeling afraid of poetry for reasons that I probably won’t go into here in the blog and yet I am feeling drawn to working on poems.

The dog – the part of my life that isn’t obsessing about whether or not I will still have a job next month or the yard or wondering if it crazy that I only want to hire workers around my home that speak the same language as I do, well, the rest of the time is spent with Cassie. She is already such a joy in our lives. Frustrating at time in the way that puppies can be but it is all a part of growing up and getting trained. 

Saturday we took her to the beach for the first time and she was not at all impressed. Afraid of the ocean. Then we went to dinner in Aptos, at Ma Maison, and had a lovely French dinner out on the patio with Cassie contentendly chewing on a toy at our feet. I am grateful to live in an area that is so dog friendly.

That’s life in an oversized nutshell.

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Thursday thoughts

Random things going through my brain on a Thursday:

1. The courtyard fence needs to be replaced. Which means the electrical stuff that is on the fence and that runs the length of the fence needs to be taken down/shutoff/moved/etc. Which means in addition to finding a fence person (hard to do for a small area) I need to find an electrician (hard to do lately for small jobs.) 

2. Need to make up my mind about where to direct the water that will come when (if?) it rains since I had trenches dug and downspouts rerouted.

3. Where and how high will I put mounds in the front yard?

4.  Need to do #2 before I can start #3

5. Should I even be trying to write in the middle of this?

6. Milestone birthday coming up – people keep asking me if I am worried/concerned/depressed/etc. I’m not. Does that make me weird?

7. I am thinking about going to work on a verse novel instead of one in prose and I wonder why I am afraid to write in verse again. This is different than blank page fear.  

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For the record

Can I just say that I hate AT&T?

If AT& had a face I would stick my tongue out at them.

If AT&T had toes I would stomp on them.

If AT&T had a stomach, I would sock it like a punching bag.

If AT&T had fingernails I would shove tiny pieces of bamboo under them until they screamed.

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treading water

but not.

Treading water
(or drowing slowly.)

Glub. Glub.

Trying to read posts.
(Hard to type underwater.)


Back soon
with updates
or something like it.

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If it's Thursday

Don’t forget poems of 15 words or less with

I just did mine.


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If it's Thursday . . .

You know the drill – it’s time for poems of 15 words or less with Laura Salas. Laura is also looking for your favorite blogs to read. Tell her about your favorites here.

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The work-for-hire stuff is done!

There will be revisions but that’s okay. The hard stuff is done. And in 4 days I’m on vacation with 10 days off of work to work on Boone and to plane the native garden.

Color me happy.

Now to work on the Carnival, which, you can still submit to up until my bedtime tonight.

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Looking for a name

for my new blog.

No, I’m not quitting this blog but I will be starting a new blog to document the process of putting in our native garden and hopefully creating a bit of paradise for wildlife in the middle of the city.

I’ve been searching for other garden blogs and some of the names are very cute and clever. (And of course, some are not.) I have a couple of ideas but sometimes brainstorming with other people gets my own gray matter all stirred up.

Suggestions, anyone?

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utter overheard randomness

File this one under utter randomness.

Because most of my day at the dayjob is spent in silence the occasional words overheard tend to jump out at me. For the heck of it last week I started writing them down as I heard them. These covered several days and a wide variety of people.

She’s living in a tree now. (Afterwards I realized that the person had said “She’s living with me now.”  but I’m leaving it as is.)

I told her to call me if she needed any help.

It’s not that complicated really.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No way.

You just don’t understand.
Yes I do. I just don’t want to pay for it.

In the for what it’s worth department,
It would be better if he was here.

I know what you expect, but, shall we say, I just don’t care.

How are you going to do that? I mean, really, is it even possible?

I just went in and they gave it to me.
Did you have to sign for it?
No, they just gave it to me. It was like they were waiting for me to take it away.

It’s been 37 forever.
Then how come somethings burning?


At first I thought I was just being silly doing this but now, as I look at the list, I realize there could be a writing exercise around this. You could take one snippet of dialog and give it to a character and see what happens.

Happy Monday. I hope yours is a creative one.

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ack – need suggestions

Okay, I am working on a work-for-hire thing and I have one spot to fill. I am looking for some suggestions of things where an adult would be too big but a kid would be the right size/age. I was thinking of something being dropped and the adult hand being too big and the kid's hand being just the right size but I'm drawing a blank.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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What's up with that?

There’s something slightly askew in my Universe at the moment.   I went to look up Hugging the Rock on Amazon (don’t ask me why, it’s an abusive obsession many writers have) and I see it paired with the book Oh Rats! The Story of Rats and People.

LOL. What’s up with that?

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Randomness from a random mind

I’m not quite manic but my brain is racing so I’m dumping some of those thoughts here.

1 – Thank you to whomever stared the tradition of Teaser Tuesdays. Sometimes getting a teaser written in the early morning hours is just the kick in the cants I need.

2 – I figured out a great way to use the LJ memories feature. Lots of the time I read blog posts on my phone and then want to remember to reply to them later. Now I can tag them for my memories on my phone and when I am home at my computer, pull them up again and write a response. (Maybe everyone else already does this but it was new to me.)

3 – The state refund check finally cleared the bank. Woohoo!

4 – One of the dumb things I worry about. If someone sends me an email and signs it “best regards” and I always sign my emails “best regards” does that person think I am copying them?

5 – Last night I couldn’t sleep so I wrote dedications in my head. Dedications to people I want to make sure I dedicate a book to. Dedications for books I haven’t finished writing yet and in one case, for a book I haven’t even conceived of yet.

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Do you or someone you know write teaching guides?

For a new project I’m working on I’m looking for a list of people who write teaching guides for children’s books. If you or someone you know wants to be listed, please let me know.

Send me the contact info and anything else you want listed about it.


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The wisdom of Forest Gump

It’s been one of those days, a past couple of days, still wanting to save someone but knowing I can’t so I have to watch them go through so much pain. I can put opportunities out there but I can’t make the moves, the choices, the right decisions for them. I can’t save someone who doesn’t want to do the work to save themself.

I’ve done what I could and have to let go, again. It is so very hard to do. And it makes me angry, screaming, crying, wanting to pound the walls kind of angry.

As Forest Gump so wisely said, “Sometimes, I guess there’s just not enough rocks.”

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a confession

I consider myself a fairly smart woman. Some days. Other days, not so much. Like today. Like reading blogs. Like reading, to be specific, kellyrfineman

First, a disclaimer. I’m an online kind of gal. I do almost everything I can online. My dayjob has me online (of sorts) all day. So I always think about doing things online first.

Okay, back to the confession. I read Kelly’s blog every day. She makes me think and she makes me laugh. I bookmark posts of hers to remember later and share them with my friends. And one of the things I always get a kick out of is the way her music matches her posts. The first couple of times I just sort of smiled to myself. The next time I checked for the group or the CD or the streaming station and mentally filed it away. (Some of you might have an inkling of where this is going.) I did that a few more times. Then today I decide to organize my bookmarks. I was putting all my online music places in order and I remembered about Kelly’s Brain Radio and how I always liked the songs she found there. You know what’s coming, don’t you? I pulled up a browser and typed in and of course, got nothing.

So then I searched on “Brain Radio” and still, nothing.

I usually consider myself pretty good at research but I finally had to admit defeat. I was just about ready to pop Kelly an email when I had that “Aha” moment – Brain Radio, as in the radio in Kelly’s brain. Sigh.

Some days I’m a smart cookie.Other days, not so much.

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If it's Thursday

it must be time for you to write a poem of 15 Words or less with Laura Salas. Check it out.

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Thoughts become things

I keep meaning to share this little motivational resource. It’s called Notes from the Universe. You sign-up here and get great little motivational emails every day.

I know, I know. You see lots of these sorts of things. But this is one of the good ones. Trust me.

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just one question

So where and when did Teaser Tuesday begin? I came back to LJ after a hiatus and just started seeing random posts about it.

Part of me (the part that goes so easily paranoid) freaks about postings bits, though I know, I can f-lock it.

The other part of me is intriqued and thinking about posting something.

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Parties, Weird Noises, and Strange Dreams

This is a hodgepodge post with 3 points and no plot.

#1 – This weekend we had our first party in our new home, a housewarming. It was so much fun to have our friends see our place. It was also a good time for us to reflect on how much we have accomplished since we moved in March. Except for our computer desks, the folding bookcases, and a cedar chest that was my grandmother’s, every piece of furniture in the house has been replaced in 6 months.  Whew! Still not 100 % done but enough of it was complete that it “feels” done. As always with us and parties, we had way too much food.

#2 – Something woke me up at about 2am this morning. I can only describe it as a “clicking sound”, like if you had one of those toys you would use to click for dog training. I have no idea what it could be. It went on for about 1/2 an hour and then stopped.

#3 – Last night I dreamt I was going to prision. They told me I could let people know I was going to be taken in on Monday so I was busy trying to notify my boss and my family but then they wouldn’t tell me where they were taking me. They were being very nice but kept saying “No, you can’t take any paper with you. No, you can’t take anything to write with. No, you can’t take any books.” They said I wouldn’t have to wear a uniform but I would have to stay there for “quite a while” so I should get used to the idea.

I haven’t figure out what it all means yet.

Or maybe I have and I don’t like the answer. Sigh.

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