Writing to music – part 2

Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions for music that brings up emotions. I spent my weekend ripping all my CDs to my computer (what can I say, I’m way behind the times) and then sorting things out for a playlist. I decided to do one that was wordless and one that was all vocals. The wordless one isn’t done yet but below is what I ended up with. Those with an * can bring me to tears in just a few bars.


Now for the next step. Seeing if I can listen to them enough times to break down the reserve I have about going deep with this new project.


* You’re my Home – Billy Joel
* Wherever You Will Go – The Calling
* All These Years – Sawyer Brown
* Don’t Take the Girl – Tim McGraw
* Lover’s Cross – Jim Croce
* Nobody Knows – Kevin Sharp
* My Boy – Richard Harris
* Live Will Keep Us Alive – The Eagles
* Hero – Enrique Iglesias
* I Owe You One – Aaron Neville

I Will Leave the Light On – Sawyer Brown
A Matter of Trust – Billy Joel
More Than Words – Extreme
I Want to Be Loved Like That – Shenandoah
You’re Gone – Diamond Rio
One Tin Soldier – Coven
100 Years – Five for Fighting
What I Didn’t Do – Steve Wariner
Mama Don’t Forget to Pray For Me – Diamond Rio
What I Meant to Say – Wade Hayes
Change the World – Eric Clapton
Goodnight Saigon – Billy Joel
Hero – Mariah Carey
I Meant to Do That – Mark Chestnut
Vincent – Josh Groban
If You Go Away – Rod McKuen
In a Week or Two – Diamond Rio
You’re Still You – Josh Groban
Let Me Fall – Josh Groban
Not Too Much to Ask – Mary Chapin Carpenter
New York Minute – The Eagles
Unbreakable Heart – Carlene Carter
Superman – Five For Fighting
Now and Forever – Richard Marx
Run for the Roses – Dan Fogelberg
Shameless – Garth Brooks
Sky Blue and Black – Jackson Brown
Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad – Meat Loaf
Too Many Angels – Jackson Browne
What Might Have Been – Little Texas
When She Cries – Restless Heart
When the Children Cry – White Lion


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music that makes you want to cry

Okay…so this subject is very subjective, I know, but I’m building a list of songs for a writing mix and what I am looking for are songs that for some reason or another elicit a very strong emotional reaction and could easily (if you are in the right mood) bring you tears. Now just because a song affects you like that, doesn’t mean it will do the same to me, but I think it could be interesting for me to hear what songs have that effect on other people.

I listen to all sorts of music so go ahead, give me your best “brings you to tears” (or pretty darn close) songs.

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Musical chairs, er, tags

Okay, so I was tagged by about my 7 favorite songs of the moment. This is really tough because I just put together some songs to help me reach (I hope) an emotional place inside.

  • I Owe You One by Aaron Neville
  • Sky Blue and Black by Jackson Browne
  • More Than Words by Extreme
  • I Don’t Want to Be by Gavin DeGraw
  • Love Song by Five For Fighting
  • Trouble by Coldplay
  • Wherever You Will Go by The Calling (by the time I get to this one I am bawling)

, , (it will be waiting for you when you come back from vacation, (I know the artist but can you pick just 7?) and – consider yourself tagged.

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