Question of the day – siblings or lonely only?

Thank you to everyone who helped me with musical suggestions for tearjerker songs and who shared father memories with me. All this has stirred up some great ideas for my fathers book project so I’m thinking for a few days here, I’m going to do a question of the day related to families and see if some more ideas can start percolating.

So, question for the day:

If you’re an only child, what’s the best and worst thing about being an only child? If you have siblings, what’s the best and worst thing about having brothers or sisters?

I’ll start. I’m an only child. The worst thing about that there was never anyone else to play with, to talk to about family stuff, to help me try to convince my mom or grandmother that something was a good idea. The best thing was I didn’t have to share my mom or my grandmother. When I had their attention, I had it 100%.

Your turn.

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Question of the day

What’s your favorite word? Why?

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Help – music for teen boys?

Can some folks give me the names of popular bands for teen boys?

Any favorite songs by teen boys?


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