Boy, I knew I needed my vacation but didn’t realize how much. For the last two nights I’ve slept 12 hours each night. During the week I usually get about 5-6 per night so this has been heaven. Saturday I allowed myself to be a total slug and did nothing the entire day but read and catch up with TiVo. Yes there are revisions to be done but I think I need rest first and then I can bury myself in them this week.

Oliver is in NY waiting to be found. FedEx didn’t deliver him to the right floor so now I will be in a bit of a panic until I hear that the teacher actually has him on Monday. It’s funny, waiting to see how the kids react to him and the classroom activities is almost as bad as waiting for reviews of the actual book. Oliver has also gone off to visit the kindergarten classes at Eisenhower school in Santa Clara, Ca. (Shush, don’t tell the kids that he’s been cloned.)

Frankie is getting impatient for me to finish up with Rachel and Hugging the Rock and get back to telling his story. The title is still in question and the subplot is still MIA but Frankie’s voice is getting stronger. I just hope he doesn’t decide to shut up as soon as I have time to write down his words. I mentioned hearing Frankie’s voice to a co-worker last week and he asked a bunch of questions about me “hearing voices” and came away with the conclusion that I was more than just a little crazy. It’s impossible, I’ve discovered, to explain the creative process to non-creatives. Heck, sometimes I can’t explain it to myself.