This is a random edition of thankfulness.

I am thankful I had dental insurance in order to have the dental surgery earlier this week.
(I hate hate hate that I needed it but glad I was able to do so.)

I am thankful for my wonderful husband who is excellent at taking care of me when I am under the weather.
(I wish everyone had someone like him in their lives because he is so very nurturing.)

I am REALLY thankful that I only have 5 working days left in a cubicle.
(I can’t believe that they are dropping Microsoft Outlook and going backward to Lotus Notes for email.)

I am thankful to smokingtoaster because she is arranging a goodbye lunch for me at work. It’s one of those awkward things because of course my big fear is what if no one wants to come? But if not, smokingtoaster and DB and I will just have a nice lunch on our own.
(The ONLY thing I am going to miss about this job are a few really great people.)

I am thankful that we have had the money to put in our native garden. It’s not done and the plants are still small but seeing green stuff beginning to grow is so exciting.

I am thankful that I will be home and be able to tend the garden by hand, water by hand for a while, weed, and just bask in the wonderfulness that is nature.